US PP35,381 P2
Phalaenopsis orchid plant named ‘PHA773779’
Latin Name: Phalaenopsis hybrid, Varietal Denomination: PHA773779
Martinus Nicolaas Gerardus Van Swieten, Utrecht (NL)
Assigned to Anthura B.V., Bleiswijk (NL)
Filed by ANTHURA B.V., Bleiswijk (NL)
Filed on Feb. 23, 2023, as Appl. No. 17/804,000.
Int. Cl. A01H 5/02 (2018.01); A01H 6/62 (2018.01)
CPC A01H 6/62 (2018.05)
U.S. Cl. PLT—311 1 Claim
OG exemplary drawing
1. A new and distinct variety of Phalaenopsis plant named ‘PHA773779’, substantially as described and illustrated herein.