US D998,616 S
Card reader
Dickon Isaacs, Los Altos, CA (US); Bret Recor, San Francisco, CA (US); Kenneth Young, San Francisco, CA (US); Christoph Andrejcic, San Francisco, CA (US); Dersing Kong, San Francisco, CA (US); Virosh Rangalla, San Francisco, CA (US); Larry Cheng, Palo Alto, CA (US); and Peter Dassenko, San Jose, CA (US)
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Filed on Sep. 30, 2019, as Appl. No. 29/707,689.
Term of patent 15 Years
LOC (14) Cl. 14 - 02
U.S. Cl. D14—385
OG exemplary drawing
The ornamental design for a card reader, as shown and described.