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Monofilament for producing an Nb3Sn-containing superconductor wire, especially for internal oxidation
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28. A monofilament for producing an Nb3Sn-containing superconductor wire,
a powder core comprising an Sn-containing powder,
a reaction tube composed of an Nb alloy comprising Nb and at least one further alloy component X,
wherein the powder core is disposed radially within the reaction tube,
at least one source for at least one partner component Pk,
wherein each source is disposed in a unitary radial position in the monofilament and comprises at least one source structure,
wherein the alloy component X and the partner component Pk are selected to form precipitates XPk through reaction annealing of the monofilament, in which Sn from the powder core and Nb from the reaction tube react to produce Nb3Sn,
wherein the precipitates XPk comprise nonoxidic and nonmetallic precipitates, and,
wherein the at least one partner component Pk comprises silicon, carbon or a halogen, and
a moderation tube disposed within the reaction tube and in which the powder core is disposed.