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Heat dissipation module
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1. A heat dissipation module, comprising:
a cold plate having a housing; and
a frame body disposed on the housing and having two sidewalls and at least one first rib, wherein after the frame body is disposed on the housing, the two sidewalls are positioned at two sides of the housing, respectively, such that the frame body covers the housing, and the first rib crosses the housing overall and is used to provide a deformation resistance after the frame body is coupled with the housing,
wherein a surface of the housing in contact with the frame body has a first recess and a plurality of first protrusions positioned at two ends of the first recess,
wherein a surface of the frame body in contact with the housing has a second protrusion and a plurality of second recesses positioned at two ends of the second protrusion, and wherein a shape of the second protrusion corresponds to the first recess, and a shape of the plurality of second recesses corresponds to the plurality of first protrusions.