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Primary esim activation for wireless device with physical sim
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1. A method for installing and activating an electronic Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) for access to services of a mobile network operator (MNO) by a mobile wireless device, the method comprising:
by the mobile wireless device:
sending, to a network-based server, a request activation message to initiate eSIM installation and activation;
receiving, from the network-based server, responsive to successful authentication of a user of the mobile wireless device, an eSIM installation message indicating the eSIM reserved for the mobile wireless device and a first ICCID value for a physical SIM (pSIM) installed in the mobile wireless device at a time of manufacture;
determining whether the first ICCID value matches a second ICCID value of a pSIM included in the mobile wireless device; and when i) the first ICCID value matches the second ICCID value and ii) a non-cellular connection is unavailable and cannot be established for provisioning and activation of the eSIM:
establishing a secure over-the-air (OTA) cellular connection to an MNO provisioning server associated with the eSIM via a limited functionality of the pSIM;
obtaining, via the secure OTA cellular connection, the eSIM from the MNO provisioning server;
installing the eSIM on an embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) of the mobile wireless device; and
sending, to the MNO provisioning server, an indication of successful installation of the eSIM on the eUICC of the mobile wireless device.