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Validation of a camera cleaning system
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1. A camera cleaning validation system comprising:
a camera with a lens; and
a processor configured to:
cause the camera to capture a baseline image when the lens is a clean state,
after a cleaning system has initiated a cleaning operation to remove a detected obstruction from the lens, cause the camera to capture a post clean image after the cleaning operation,
generate a post-clean image quality score based on a comparison between the baseline image and the post clean image by:
performing a first down-sampling operation of the post clean image to generate a first down-sampled image, and
determining a first image quality score for the first down-sampled image based on comparing the baseline image and the first down-sampled image, the first image quality score being a first local image quality score, and
determine an operational state of the cleaning system in response to the post-clean image quality score being less than a validation threshold.