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Relay device for call processing, call processing method performed by relay device, and storage medium in which program for executing call processing method is stored
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1. A relay device for call processing, the relay device comprising:
a database that stores information on subscribers;
a protocol relay unit that processes an initial session initiation protocol (SIP) signal of a call;
a call processing unit that checks whether a sender and a recipient of the call are the subscribers stored in the database based on the SIP signal received through the protocol relay unit and provides the received SIP signal to an external call routing server when the sender of the call is the subscriber and the recipient of the call is not the subscriber; and
a packet processing unit that rearranges incoming call packets of the call according to a sequence of the call packets and adjusts a transmission speed of the rearranged call packets according to a condition of the incoming call packets,
wherein the call processing unit checks whether the recipient of the call is a subscriber of a different relay device based on a response of the call routing server and performs SIP message exchange negotiation with a call processing unit of the different relay device through the call routing server if it is determined that the recipient of the call is a remote subscriber subscribed to the different relay device.