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Leveraging attack graphs of agile security platform
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1. A computer-implemented method for security of enterprise networks, the method being executed by one or more processors and comprising:
receiving, by a security platform, event data representing one or more events occurring within an enterprise network;
processing, by the security platform, the event data using attack graph data representative of an attack graph representing one or more lateral paths within the enterprise network, the attack graph including a plurality of nodes representing assets within the enterprise network, a first node of the plurality of nodes representing a target asset within the enterprise network, including:
identifying critical paths in the attack graph, wherein traversal along a critical path leads to the first node representing the target asset; and
assigning, to each event of the one or more events, a priority based on whether the event is associated with an asset represented by a node included in any of the critical paths of the attack graph; and
based on the respective priorities assigned to each of the one or more events, generating, by the security platform, one or more alerts representing at least one event of the one or more events.