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1. A computing system comprising:
at least one processor; and
at least one non-transitory computer-readable medium collectively comprising program instructions that are collectively executable by the at least one processor such that the computing system is configured to:
receive, from a user device over a wide area network (WAN), one or more first messages corresponding to a request for an authorization code, the authorization code corresponding to a media application installed on the user device that is authorized to access media content from a media service;
based on receiving the request for the authorization code, transmit, to the user device over the WAN, one or more second messages collectively comprising the authorization code;
receive, from a media playback system over the WAN, one or more third messages corresponding to an authorization request, wherein the authorization request comprises the authorization code and a media playback system identifier unique to the media playback system;
determine that the authorization code in the authorization request is valid;
based on determining that the authorization code is valid, generate an authorization token, wherein the authorization token authorizes only the media playback system identified by the media playback system identifier to access media content from the media service;
transmit, to the media playback system over the WAN, the authorization token;
receive, from the media playback system over the WAN, a media request for media content, the media request comprising the authorization token; and
responsive to: (i) the media request and (ii) a determination that the authorization token is valid, transmit, over the WAN, the media content to the media playback system.