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Cryptographically transmitting and storing identity tokens and/or activity data among spatially distributed computing devices
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16. A system comprising:
a computing device; and
a plurality of other computing devices,
wherein the computing device is configured to:
in response to determining there is permission to monitor a location of a user, monitor the location of the user to generate location data,
in response to determining there is permission to monitor activity of a device of the user, monitor the activity of the device to generate device activity data,
generate, based on identity data associated with the user that includes the location data and the device activity data, an identity token for the user,
in response to authenticating the user based on the identity token, generate an activity token for the user,
based on a determination that a number of other computing devices verifying the activity token is above a threshold number of computing devices, store the activity token for the user in an activity chain, wherein the activity token for the user indicates a prior activity token stored in the activity chain, and
transmit to the other computing devices an indication of the storing the activity token.