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Handling bandwidth reservations with segment routing and centralized PCE under real-time topology changes
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium having instructions stored thereon for programming at least one processor to perform steps of:
receiving a request for a service in a Segment Routing network;
determining an intended path for the service, provisioning a head-end node with a Segment Identifier (SID) list as a provisioned path for the intended path, and reserving bandwidth for the service on the intended path, wherein the intended path and the provisioned path are initially both determined by the SID list;
monitoring the Segment Routing network including tracking a plurality of paths for the service and determining differences in any of the plurality of paths, wherein the plurality of paths include any of the intended path, the provisioned path, a current path, and an optimum path; and
responsive to the determined differences in the plurality of paths including the current path deviating from the intended path due to on-router computation of shortest paths, adjusting the provisioned path including evaluating whether to use the optimum path and updating the SID list for the service based on thereon.