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System and method of distributed edge configuration management
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1. A federation with distributed edge configuration management, comprising:
a plurality of autonomously managed data centers each located at a corresponding one of a plurality of sites remotely located from each other, each data center comprising:
an infrastructure comprising physical resources including at least one computer server;
at least one storage that stores state information comprising dynamic operating status and identification information indicative of a current state of the infrastructure and that stores configuration information of the infrastructure, wherein the configuration information comprises composed immutable content incorporating automation tasks and instructions to effectuate state changes of the infrastructure according to consistent operational practices that accommodate variations among the plurality of data centers of the federation; and
a configuration platform, locally coupled to the infrastructure and to the at least one storage at a corresponding one of the plurality of sites, comprising a network interface for communicating via a communications network, and a configuration processor that autonomously configures the infrastructure in response to a request by dynamically accessing the configuration information and generating and executing a workflow comprising a sequence of operations to effectuate a change of state of the infrastructure to achieve a target state.