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Multicast traffic optimization in multihomed edge network elements
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1. A method comprising:
at a first multihomed leaf node connected via a core network to a plurality of other multihomed leaf nodes, receiving multicast data from a multicast source of a multicast network flow;
publishing a notification from the first multihomed leaf node that received the multicast data, the notification indicating that the multicast network flow is available from the first multihomed leaf node;
receiving by the first multihomed leaf node a subscription to the multicast network flow from a multicast recipient;
determining whether there are multiple paths from the first multihomed leaf node to the multicast recipient;
creating a topology-aware point to multipoint (P2MP) tree for the multicast network flow that allows for distribution of the multicast network flow to the multicast recipient and excludes at least one leaf node; and
providing the multicast network flow to the multicast recipient according to the P2MP tree.