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Methods and systems for implementing mixed protocol certificates
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1. A system for implementing mixed protocol certificates, the system comprising a subject device, the subject device designed and configured to:
receive, from an issuing device, a first digital certificate, wherein the first digital certificate further comprises:
a first digital signature public and private key pair according to a first digital signature protocol; and
a second digital signature public key according to a second digital signature protocol, wherein the second digital signature protocol is distinct from the first digital signature protocol;
generate a second digital certificate, wherein generating the second digital certificate comprises generating a subject digital signature signing the certificate, the subject digital signature generated as a function of the second digital signature protocol, wherein signing the second digital signature further comprises:
generating a signature of knowledge using a secure proof;
signing a third public key using the signature of knowledge; and
signing the second digital certificate with a third private key corresponding to the third public key; and
provide the first digital certificate and the second digital certificate to a verifying device.