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Decentralized system for securely resolving domain names
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1. A method comprising:
receiving, by a computing device from a user device, a request comprising a domain name to create a new federated network;
generating a domain name entry corresponding to the requested domain name for the new federated network;
defining one or more policies for updating the domain name entry;
sending, by the computing device, an indication that the new federated network has been created in association with the requested domain name;
storing the domain name entry in a distributed ledger;
generating, using a private domain key, a signature associated with a query of the distributed ledger, wherein the query obtains a network address of the new federated network; and
establishing, based on the signature and the network address obtained from the query of the distributed ledger, a secure communication channel between a first server of the new federated network and a second server associated with another federated network.