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User equipments, base stations and methods for uplink transmission
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1. A user equipment (UE) comprising:
receiving circuitry configured to receive a radio resource control (RRC) message comprising a first parameter used for configuring a periodicity,
the receiving circuitry being configured to receive the RRC message comprising a second parameter used for configuring a number of repetitions, and
transmitting circuitry configured to perform, based on the first parameter and the second parameter, repetitions of transmissions of a transport block, wherein
the repetitions of transmissions of the transport block consist of initial transmission of the transport block and retransmission(s) of the transport block, wherein the initial transmission of the transport block is a first transmission among the repetitions,
the number of repetitions is less than or equal to a number of slots within a period, the period is a time interval between two consecutive initial transmissions by configured grants.