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Remedial action based on inter-packet received power
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1. A transmitting electronic device, comprising:
an interface circuit configured to wirelessly communicate with at least a receiving electronic device, wherein the transmitting electronic device is configured to:
when received power associated with a channel during time intervals between received packets is in a range defined by a threshold value and a second threshold value that is less than the threshold value:
perform a remedial action based at least in part on one of: the received power, and a metric associated with the received power; and
transmit, addressed to the receiving electronic device, a packet in a manner consistent with the remedial action, wherein the remedial action comprises selectively transmitting, based at least in part on the received power, the packet addressed to the receiving electronic device, and wherein the remedial action is other than a handover between transmitting electronic devices; and
when the received power is greater that the threshold value:
not transmit packets on the channel while maintaining a connection between the transmitting electronic device and the receiving electronic device.