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Channel state information report for phase tracking reference signal port selection
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium having machine executable instructions that, when executed, cause one or more processors of a base station operable to communicate with a User Equipment (UE) on a wireless network to perform operations comprising:
generating a Downlink (DL) transmission carrying one or more Phase Tracking Reference Signal (PT-RSes); and
processing an Uplink (UL) transmission carrying a Layer Indicator (LI) together with an associated Channel State Information (CSI) based at least on a number of PT-RS Antenna Ports (APs) associated with the one or more PT-RSes carried in the DL transmission, wherein a PT-RS of the one or more PT-RSes is associated with an Antenna Port (AP) of a Demodulation Reference Signal (DMRS) AP group, wherein the UL transmission is a Physical Uplink Control Channel (PUCCH) transmission, and the LI is reported with the associated CSI by a short PUCCH transmission or a long PUCCH transmission, and the LI is jointly encoded with one or more of a CSI Resource Indicator (CRI), a Rank Indicator (RI), a Precoder Matrix Indicator (PMI), or a Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) of the associated CSI, and the LI has a varying size dependent of a value of the RI.