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Hybrid mode based audio processing method and apparatus therefor
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1. A hybrid mode based audio processing apparatus, comprising:
a signal converting unit which converts a digital signal of an input sound source into an analog signal;
a mode control unit which analyzes the input sound source, sets an amplification mode according to the analysis result, and generates an amplification control signal to control the amplification mode;
an amplifying unit which amplifies the analog signal in the amplification mode based on the amplification control signal; and
an audio output unit which outputs an audio corresponding to the amplified analog signal,
wherein the mode control unit sets any one of a first amplification mode, a second amplification mode, and a hybrid amplification mode based on the analysis result on the input sound source, and
wherein the first amplification mode is a tube amp based mode, the second amplification mode is an op-amp based mode, and the hybrid amplification mode is a mixed mode of the first amplification mode and the second amplification mode.