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Lens barrel and imaging device with element and elastic body for producing vibration wave
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1. A lens barrel comprising:
an element configured to be displaced by application of voltage;
an elastic body having a contact surface coming into contact with the element, a drive surface to produce a vibration wave by displacement of the element, and a plurality of grooves;
a moving element configured to come into contact with the drive surface and rotate by the vibration wave;
an annular ring configured to rotate by rotating of the moving element; and
a lens configured to move in a direction of an optical axis by rotating of the annular ring;
wherein the element is made of a material having potassium sodium niobate, potassium niobate, sodium niobate, or barium titanate as a principal component,
wherein a value of [(T/B)÷W] is in a range of 0.84 to 1.94, where T represents a depth of the groove, B represents a distance from a bottom part of the groove to the contact surface, and W represents a radial width of the elastic body.