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Switchgear system having translatable and rotatable truck and associated method
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1. A switchgear system, comprising:
a switchgear frame defining an interior compartment and a front opening, the switchgear frame containing therein at least one electrical switchgear component;
a truck carrying another electrical component, the another electrical component supported for movement on the switchgear frame; and
a drive mechanism supported by the switchgear frame and connected to the truck, the drive mechanism configured to:
a) rack in the truck into an electrically connected position where the at least one electrical switchgear component is electrically connected to the another electrical component,
b) rack out the truck from the electrically connected position into an electrically disconnected position where the at least one electrical switch gear component is electrically disconnected from the another electrical component, and
c) rotate the truck and the another electrical component upward from the electrically disconnected position into a rotated position to allow operator access through the front opening to the another electrical component carried on the truck.