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Electrical connector and wire harness assembly with compression contacts
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1. A wire harness assembly comprising:
a first connector;
a second connector;
conductors extending between the first connector and the second connector, the conductors having first contacts terminated to ends of the conductors which are removed from the first connector;
second contacts provided on the second connector, the second contacts having wire termination sections mounted on the second connector, compliant sections extending from the wire termination sections, and substrate engagement sections extending from the compliant sections;
the termination sections having housing engagement members with mounting openings, mounting members extending from the first contacts into the mounting openings, the mounting members providing electrical connections between the first contacts and the termination sections of the second contacts;
the substrate engagement sections having curved contact sections which are configured to be positioned in mechanical and electrical engagement with circuit pads of a mating printed circuit board, embossments provided on the curved contact sections.