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Battery liquid quench system and methods of manufacture thereof
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1. A system comprising:
a battery pack comprising a plurality of battery cells;
a reservoir comprising a quenching material; and
a distribution system for directing the quenching material from the reservoir to the battery pack, the distribution system positioned at least partially within an enclosure of the battery pack, the distribution system comprising:
a manifold positioned within the battery pack between two battery cells of the plurality of battery cells, wherein the manifold comprises:
a pair of exterior vertical walls extending between top and bottom exterior horizontal walls to define an interior volume of the manifold;
a pair of interior vertical walls extending from the bottom exterior horizontal wall to define an interior reservoir;
one or more baffles positioned within the interior reservoir, the one or more baffles extending orthogonally to the interior vertical walls;
a nozzle positioned at the top exterior horizontal wall and arranged to direct the quenching material into the interior reservoir; and
at least one vent defined by the pair of exterior vertical walls and fluidly coupled to the interior reservoir.