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Method for manufacturing linear light source
Yusaku Achi, Tokushima (JP)
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1. A method for manufacturing a linear light source comprising:
providing a base having a first surface defining a plurality of first recesses arranged in a first array extending in a first direction, and a second surface positioned on a side of the base opposite to the first surface, the second surface including a first portion having a curved contour in a cross section orthogonal to the first direction and a straight contour in a cross section parallel to the first direction;
providing a plurality of light sources each having a top surface and a bottom surface opposite to the top surface, the bottom surface including bottom surfaces of a pair of electrodes;
placing a wavelength conversion member in each of the first recesses;
after the placing of the wavelength conversion member, placing each of the light sources at a position overlapping a corresponding one of the first recesses in a plan view with the top surface of each of the light sources facing a bottom surface of the corresponding one of the first recesses;
placing a first reflective member to cover the light sources and the first surface of the base so that the electrodes of the light sources are exposed from the first reflective member;
placing a second reflective member on the second surface of the base; and
cutting the base along the first direction to define a third surface of the base continuous with the first surface and the second surface.