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Radar sensor, motor vehicle and method for producing a radar sensor
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1. A radar sensor, comprising:
an antenna assembly;
a monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MIMIC) arranged on a circuit board, the MIMIC providing at least one antenna connection to the antenna assembly by a waveguide arranged on an opposite side of the circuit board, wherein the at least one antenna connection is implemented using a ball grid; and
the circuit board comprising a through-opening at a position of the at least one antenna connection, leading to a side of the circuit board opposite the MMIC, wherein:
the at least one antenna connection is connected, through the through-opening, to a radiation element projecting into the waveguide exceeding an inlet region of the waveguide;
the radiation element being surrounded by an annular insulation element at least in the inlet region into the waveguide; and
the through-opening comprises a through-plated hole connected to the radiation element.