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Operating device for a vehicle
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1. An operating device for a vehicle, comprising
a housing having a front wall,
at least one operating element which can be manually actuated starting from a rest position for the purpose of entering a command or activating a function,
a switch, which is assigned to the operating element, having a switching member on which the operating element acts during manual operation,
a support element arranged inside the housing with a distance to the operating element,
wherein the support element comprises a bending bar with an upper side facing the operating element and a lower side facing away from the upper side,
wherein the switch assigned to the operating element is arranged on the bending bar, and
an adjustment member acting on the bending bar for adjusting the bending position of the bending bar relative to the operating element in a resting position and for maintaining and thus stabilizing the bending bar in an adjusted bending position when the operating element acts on the switching member,
wherein the adjustment member comprises a threaded sleeve with an internal thread and an adjustment screw with a threaded shaft in the form of a self-tapping screw, wherein the internal thread of the threaded sleeve and the external thread of the threaded shaft of the adjustment screw have a same or substantially the same pitch.