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Solid electrolytic capacitor containing an intrinsically conductive polymer
Miloslav Uher, Lanskroun (CZ); Kiyofumi Aoki, Shiga (JP); and Pavel Kucharczyk, Detmarovice (CZ)
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1. A solid electrolytic capacitor comprising a capacitor element, wherein the capacitor element comprises:
a sintered porous anode body;
a dielectric that overlies the anode body;
a solid electrolyte that overlies the dielectric, wherein the solid electrolyte includes an intrinsically conductive polymer containing repeating thiophene units of the-following general formula (I):

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
a is from 0 to 10;
b is from 1 to 18;
R is an optionally substituted C1-C6 linear or branched alkyl group or a halogen atom; and
M is a hydrogen atom, an alkali metal, NH(R1)3, or HNC5H5, wherein R1 is each independently a hydrogen atom or an optionally substituted C1-C6 alkyl group; and
an external polymer coating that overlies the solid electrolyte and includes conductive polymer particles;
wherein the capacitor exhibits a capacitance recovery of about 85% or more at a frequency of 120 Hz.