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Method and system for assessing performance
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a motion sensor configured to be mounted on a shoe of a subject;
and a processor, the processor being adapted to perform the steps of:
receiving a model associating motion parameters of an action performed by the subject with a score, the model based at least partially on values of the motion parameters obtained in a controlled environment while performing a task on a first time period;
receiving data output from the motion sensor;
responsive to the received data, determining action parameters during motion of the subject within an uncontrolled environment on a second time period, the motion of the subject within the uncontrolled environment being part of an activity that is different than the first task;
inputting the action parameters into the model, to obtain an assessment of an expected score for the subject performance of the task as would be performed by the subject in the controlled environment; and
displaying the assessment of the expected score on a display,
wherein the model comprises an artificial intelligence (AI) engine.