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Multiple state digital assistant for continuous dialog
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
one or more processors;
a memory; and
one or more programs, wherein the one or more programs are stored in the memory and configured to be executed by the one or more processors, the one or more programs including instructions for:
receiving, from a user, a first speech input;
in response to receiving the first speech input, providing a response based on the first speech input;
providing a first output corresponding to a digital assistant in a first state, wherein an appearance of the first output does not correspond to detected amplitude of received speech input;
receiving, from the user, a second speech input;
obtaining a first plurality of values;
obtaining, based on the first plurality of values, a first confidence level corresponding to the second speech input; and
in accordance with a determination that the first confidence level exceeds a first threshold confidence level:
providing a second output corresponding to the digital assistant in a second state, wherein an appearance of the second output corresponds to a detected amplitude of the second speech input, and
continuing to receive the second speech input.