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Parking assist
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1. A method for bypass alert, the method comprises: obtaining during a driving session of a vehicle, sensed information about an environment of the first vehicle, by one of more vehicle sensors of the vehicle; detecting that the vehicle is within a certain distance from a destination of the driving session; detecting, using a first machine learning process, one or more parking indicators that are indicative of an allowable parking area that precedes the vehicle; detecting a vacant parking space within the parking area that is large enough to facilitate a parking of the vehicle within the vacant parking space; and responding to the vacant parking space by: suggesting a driver of the vehicle to use autonomous parking capabilities of the vehicle, when an estimated parking skill of the driver is not suffice to perform the parking, and autonomous parking capabilities of the vehicle are suffice to perform the parking; and autonomously parking the vehicle when the driver accepts to use the autonomous parking capabilities of the vehicle based on the suggestion.