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System and method for providing a feature game
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1. A gaming machine, comprising:
a display device;
a player input device;
a memory device; and
a processor executing instructions stored on the memory device, wherein execution of the instructions causes the processor to at least:
select a denomination for a play of a base game based on an input received via the player input device;
select symbols for a base game outcome based on one or more outputs of a random number generator, wherein the symbols are selected from at least one configurable symbol and a plurality of non-configurable symbols;
display, via the display device, the selected symbols for the base game outcome at base game symbol display positions;
select, based on the selected denomination, a value from value data stored in the memory device; and
assign, based on the value selected from the value data, a prize value to the at least one configurable symbol;
trigger a play of a feature game based on the selected symbols for the base game outcome; and
for the play of the feature game:
retain each configurable symbol of the base game outcome at a corresponding feature game symbol display position of a plurality of feature game symbol display positions displayed on the display device;
for each of the plurality of feature game symbol display positions without a configurable symbol, select and display a replacement symbol; and
determine a feature game award based on a sum of prize values for each configurable symbol displayed at its feature game symbol display position.