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Gaming machines having retrofittable insertable memory expansion board with onboard random number generator
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1. An electronic device for generating random events, the electronic device comprising:
a processor having a memory interface;
an expansion port in data communication with the processor;
a memory storing a system code and a program code; and
an expansion board connectable into the expansion port, and, when connected, operable to be in data communication with the processor, the expansion board comprising:
a plurality of registers accessible by the processor,
a random number generator operable to generate and write a set of random numbers into the plurality of registers, wherein, the random number generator generates the set of random numbers in response to the program code being executed, and wherein the system code when executed by the processor causes the processor to read one or more of the set of random numbers from the plurality of registers at the expansion board instead of causing the processor to generate one or more random numbers by executing the program code.