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Managing bets that select events and participants
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1. An apparatus comprising:
at least one processor configured to control:
receiving at least one electronic message comprising a plurality of group bets from a plurality of bettors, each group bet being received, over a communication network, from one of the plurality of bettors via a computing device, each group bet comprising:
a plurality of events selected from among a group of events offered by a sponsor of the group bets, each event having a plurality of participants;
a respective participant selected for each of the plurality of events selected for the group bet; and
a bet amount;
combining the bet amounts respectively of the group bets to form a betting pool, in which the bet amounts of the group bets are combined by combining amounts of different bets having different selected combinations of events and different selected participants from each other that are pooled together in the betting pool;
determining an amount of a payout for one or more winning group bets of the group bets based at least in part on the combined bet amounts of the group bets in the betting pool; and
determining whether to cause a dispense of the amount of the payout at an interface associated with a self-service machine.