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Vehicle gateway device and interactive cohort graphical user interfaces associated therewith
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1. A system comprising:
a computer readable storage medium having program instructions embodied therewith; and
one or more processors configured to execute the program instructions to cause the one or more processors to:
receive vehicle metric data associated with a plurality of vehicles for a first fleet;
determine a plurality of segmentation attribute values for the first fleet from the vehicle metric data, the plurality of segmentation attribute values comprising:
a first attribute value indicating a distance driven per vehicle,
a second attribute value indicating a trip length, wherein the trip length indicates a distance, and
a third attribute value indicating a vehicle type composition of the first fleet;
determine a first cohort for the first fleet based at least in part on a combination of the determined plurality of segmentation attribute values; and
present, in a graphical user interface, a visualization that indicates a metric for the first fleet relative to a benchmark for the first cohort.