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Method and system of establishing denture dentition model
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1. A method for establishing a denture dentition model, comprising:
obtaining face information of a user, to establish a three-dimensional mouth-opening face model;
obtaining teeth alignment information of the user, to establish an original teeth model, and superimposing the original teeth model to the three-dimensional mouth-opening face model;
establishing reference lines corresponding to each of a plurality of teeth of the original teeth model;
generating a plurality of grids on the three-dimensional mouth-opening face model according to the reference lines, and adjusting each of the grids to correspond to the edge of each tooth, so as to obtain an actual size of each of the teeth;
providing an upper edge curve and a lower edge curve on the three-dimensional mouth-opening face model as a smile curve;
aligning each of the grids with the smile curve, and placing a denture model in each of the grids; and
adjusting a denture contour of each of the denture models, to generate the denture dentition model.