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Computerized optimization of customer service queue based on customer device detection
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1. A customer assistance system comprising:
one or more processors; and
a memory storing instructions, that when executed by the one or more processors are configured to causes the system to:
determine a current location of a customer, based on a location of a device being used by the customer, using proximity data from at least one device detection unit;
determine questions to be included in a questionnaire for the customer based on customer data;
transmit the questionnaire to the device based on the current location of the device, the questionnaire comprising the determined questions;
receive, from the device, responses to the questionnaire;
generate optimal match data associated with an optimal match between one of a plurality of customer representatives and the customer, wherein the optimal match is determined based on at least the customer data and the responses to the questionnaire; and
transmit the generated optimal match data to one of a plurality of customer representative devices associated with the respective customer representative identified in the optimal match, wherein the generated optimal match data comprises customer identification data.