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Method, device and secure element for conducting a secured financial transaction on a device
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1. A method for managing a mobile device used as a payment terminal, the mobile device being distinct from a dedicated payment terminal, the mobile device implementing Point of Sale (POS) functionality provided by a secure element coupled to the mobile device, the secure element being configured to execute a payment acceptance applet, the method comprising:
receiving, by a remote system via a network between the remote system and the mobile device, credentials from a payment application being executed by a central processing unit (CPU) of the mobile device;
validating, by the remote system, the credentials received from the payment application;
establishing, by the remote system via the network, a secure communication between the remote system and a security domain of the secure element corresponding to the remote system based on the credentials being validated, the secure communication to enable loading of payment acceptance applets, wherein the secure element prevents the remote system from accessing other security domains of the secure element, and wherein the payment application is prevented from accessing data transmitted via the secure communication;
loading, by the remote system via the secure communication, the payment acceptance applet on the secure element, the payment acceptance applet selected based on a configuration of the mobile device;
activating, by the remote system via the secure communication, the payment acceptance applet;
performing a mutual authentication between the remote system and the payment acceptance applet; and
loading, by the remote system, at least one of a cryptographic certificate or a private key in the payment acceptance applet.