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System and method for self-checkout, scan portal, and pay station environments
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1. A method for a checkout system comprising:
arranging a checkout station having a housing, a customer interface and a customer unloading station for scanning items for purchase,
communicating with a point-of-sale system having a microprocessor and memory operatively associated with one another to identify products being purchased, payments tendered therefor and to store transaction information locally at the checkout station or remotely from the checkout station,
programming the microprocessor with programming configured to:
allow an item to be scanned by a product identification scanner,
integrate a scale software within the point-of-sale system,
associating a scale device with the checkout system, the scale device configured to determine a weighted item is to be added as an item for purchase in the transaction when the weighted item is placed on the scale,
sensing a weighted item for entry into a checkout transaction upon an item for purchase being placed on the scale device without the need to scan the weighted item,
imaging the item for purchase that is placed upon the scale device upon sensing,
cross-referencing a set of values with the imaging,
determining a suggested identification for the weighted item for purchase,
displaying the suggested item for purchase in a transaction listing,
presenting the suggested identification for the weighted item to a consumer on a checkout display.