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System and method for real-time three-party transaction processing
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1. A method of real-time three-party transaction processing, comprising, at an intermediation server:
receiving, via a network, invoice data from a vendor computing device associated with a vendor, the invoice data defining a price payable to the vendor for supplying a product to a customer associated with a customer computing device;
generating a unique invoice identifier corresponding to the invoice data;
prior to initiation of a payment to the vendor for supplying the product:
extracting, from the invoice data, a vendor identifier corresponding to the vendor;
in response to determining that the invoice data does not contain a customer identifier corresponding to the customer computing device, (i)transmitting the unique invoice identifier to the vendor computing device for presentation of the unique identifier at the vendor computing device and capture of the unique identifier from the vendor computing device by the customer computing device, and (ii) receiving, from the customer computing device, an association request generated at the customer computing device responsive to capturing the unique identifier, and (iii) associate the customer identifier with the invoice data based on the association request, the association request containing the customer identifier and the unique invoice identifier;
retrieving a payer identifier corresponding to a payer associated with the customer identifier;
retrieving, based on at least the payer identifier, a transaction policy; according to the retrieved transaction policy, allocating an eligible portion of the price to the payer identifier, and allocating a remaining portion of the price to the customer identifier; and
request a virtual card number (VCN) from a payment subsystem generating and transmitting payment data the VCN, via the network, for receipt at the customer computing device and presentation to the vendor computing device to initiate initiating a payment of the eligible portion from the payer to the vendor.