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Multi-size convolutional layer
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1. A processing unit comprising:
a task manager; and
one or more cores configured by the task manager to generate a neural network output from a neural network input, generation of the neural network output comprising:
generate an output feature map comprising a first output channel and a second output channel using an input feature map comprising a first input channel and a second input channel, generation of the output feature map comprising:
generate, by up-sampling the first input channel, a third input channel having a size of the second input channel;
generate, by down-sampling the second input channel, a fourth input channel having a size of the first input channel;
convolve a first input including the third input channel and the second input channel with a first kernel to generate the first output channel; and
convolve a second input including the fourth input channel and the first input channel with a second kernel to generate the second output channel.