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Information search system and information search method using index
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1. An apparatus for creating an index for conducting a search on a database based on a resource including a text sentence, comprising:
a dictionary that includes a plurality of phrases associated with each other for each specific concept; and
a processor configured to:
receive an input of the resource;
perform processing for extracting a plurality of words, as tokens, from the text sentence in the received resource;
generate a directed graph representing a connection relationship between the extracted plurality of tokens in accordance with the text sentence;
set at least one token in the directed graph to be a search-target-phrase;
determine whether the search-target-phrase is found in the dictionary and, if the search-target-phrase is found in the dictionary, conduct a search on the directed graph based on the search-target-phrase, locate a location in the directed graph where the search-target-phrase appeared, and update the directed graph by adding a new token to the directed graph, the new token being based on at least one phrase associated with the search-target-phrase found in the dictionary; and
create an index indicating association with the resource based on the plurality of tokens in the directed graph.