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Systems and methods of multi-key encryption for multi-tenant database
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1. A method for data isolation in multi-tenant environments, comprising:
receiving, by a vault API, an encryption request comprising a client ID associated with a client, an entity name, an entity ID and entity data;
generating, by the vault API, a key ID corresponding to the client ID;
issuing, by the vault API and to a cloud-based computer system, an encryption request comprising the generated key ID and the entity data;
generating, by the cloud-based computer system, a data key based on the key ID, wherein the data key is associated with the entity data;
encrypting, by the cloud-based computer system, the entity data by using the data key;
transmitting, by the cloud-based computer system and to the vault API, the encrypted data; and
storing, by the vault API, the encrypted data and key ID in a client collection within a vault database, wherein the client collection is associated with the client ID.