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Interface for a hardware security module
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1. A hardware security module for usage with manufacturing devices, comprising:
a secure element configured to detect an operating mode of the hardware security module by detecting a position of a first switch of the hardware security module which indicates whether the hardware security module is in a sealed mode or an unsealed mode, and providing a control signal in response to the detecting;
a first interface configured to receive commands for controlling the hardware security module, in both the sealed mode and the unsealed mode;
a central processing unit for processing application program code in a secure environment;
a second interface configured for receiving configuration data, wherein the second interface is activated and deactivated in dependence of the operating mode such that configuration data is received by the second interface only in the unsealed mode; and
a second switch coupled to the first interface and the second interface, wherein the control signal provided by the secure element directly controls the second switch to activate or deactivate the second interface by coupling or decoupling the second interface from the first interface.