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Invoking supported non-relational database operations to provide results consistent with commands specified in a relational query language
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6. A method, comprising:
receiving a request to access data stored in a non-relational database that supports a plurality of different operations to access the non-relational database invoked via different respective application programming interfaces (APIs), wherein the request specifies one or more commands to access the data in a query language for accessing data stored according to a relational data schema instead of one of the APIs;
identifying respective classifications out of a plurality of command classifications for the one or more commands;
comparing the one or more commands in the query language specified in the request with respective mappings between the one or more commands and one or more possible APIs of the different respective APIs corresponding to the respective classifications to determine one or more of the APIs to invoke, wherein the determination evaluates respective capabilities of the different operations to provide a result consistent with performing the one or more commands;
returning the result for the request based on executing the determined one or more APIs.