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System and methods for pre-populating service data indication on user interface
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1. A method for generating a user interface, the method comprising: receiving, from a user device, a client ID and a request to generate a user interface; generating, in response to the request, the user interface by: associating a graphic data structure with a product identifier; tagging, using a computing system, one or more tags to the graphic data structure, wherein the tagging comprises: determining a match between the client ID and a member ID, and tagging the graphic data structure with a member tag; determining that the product identifier is associated with a product stocked at a logistical center; and tagging the graphic data structure with a first tag; and determining that the client ID is associated with a geographic region, and tagging the graphic data structure with a second tag; associating the graphic data structure with a plurality of service graphics based on the tagged tags; and transmitting, to the user device, instructions to display on the generated user interface including the plurality of service graphics.