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Configurable interface circuit
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1. An apparatus, comprising:
an integrated circuit (IC) having a particular configuration, wherein the IC includes:
a memory system;
a communication fabric coupled to the memory system;
a plurality of agent circuits configured to make requests to the memory system that are in a first format that is not specific to the particular configuration of the IC;
a plurality of interface circuits coupled between corresponding ones of the plurality of agent circuits and the communication fabric, wherein a given one of the plurality of interface circuits is configured to receive a request to the memory system in the first format and output the request in a second format that is specific to the particular configuration of the IC;
wherein the given one of the plurality of interface circuits includes a corresponding interface logic circuit and a corresponding register file, wherein the interface logic circuit is configured to initiate communications with components of the memory system in response to receiving a request from a correspondingly coupled agent, translate communications between the correspondingly coupled agent and the memory system between a non-configuration specific format and a configuration specific format, and to store information obtained from the request in one or more registers of the register file.