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System and methods for reducing global coherence unit snoop filter lookup via local memories
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1. A system comprising:
a plurality of nodes in the system, wherein each node of the plurality of nodes comprises at least one or more tiles wherein each tile covers a plurality of lines in a memory address space and wherein the each node further comprises a global coherency unit (GCU); and
wherein a GCU of a first node is configured to maintain data coherency among the plurality of nodes by tracking lines cached at remote nodes, wherein the remote nodes are nodes of the plurality of nodes other than the first node; wherein
a first tile of the at least one or more tiles in the first node comprises:
a first cache unit configured to locally cache lines associated with memory address space covered by the first tile; and
a first snoop filter cache configured to track entries within a snoop filter of the GCU of the first node, wherein presence of the entries in the first snoop filter cache indicates absence of the entries by the snoop filter of the GCU of the first node.