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Restoring archived object-level database data
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1. A system for restoring archived database data, the system comprising:
one or more computing devices comprising computer hardware configured to:
process a database file residing on one or more storage devices to identify a subset of data in the database file for archiving, the database file generated by a database application executing on the one or more computing devices;
copy the subset of the data from the database file to a volume, wherein the volume is organized as a plurality of volume blocks having a volume block size;
delete the subset of the data from the database file;
create a snapshot of the volume comprising the copied subset of data; and
divide the snapshot into a plurality of blocks having a common size;
transmit the plurality of blocks over a network connection to a secondary storage subsystem,
wherein the plurality of blocks are copied to create a secondary copy of the plurality of blocks,
wherein mapping between the plurality of blocks and corresponding locations in the secondary storage subsystem are stored in a table;
intercept a read operation by the database application to access one or more database blocks that have been removed;
determine an offset of the one or more database blocks accessed by the read operation;
identify a database block that corresponds to the offset;
initiate a request to restore the database block from the secondary storage subsystem; and
receive and restore the database block from the secondary storage subsystem,
wherein, the database block was retrieved from the secondary storage subsystem using location information stored in the table.