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Foldable electronic device including display protection structure
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
a first housing;
a second housing;
a hinge structure connecting the first housing and the second housing in a foldable manner with respect to a folding axis;
a flexible display including a first region corresponding to the first housing, and a second region corresponding to the second housing;
a first protection cover disposed over the first housing to cover a periphery of the first region of the flexible display;
a second protection cover disposed over the second housing to cover a periphery of the second region of the flexible display; and
a protection structure disposed over the hinge structure,
wherein the protection structure comprises:
a blocking member to cover the periphery of the flexible display and to bend corresponding to the foldable manner; and
at least one protective cap to support the blocking member,
wherein the at least one protective cap comprises:
a base fixed to the hinge structure;
a protrusion extending from the base; and
a support part extending from the protrusion toward the flexible display, and
wherein, in a direction perpendicular to the folding axis, the protrusion has a first width, and the support part has a second width smaller than the first width.