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Driver assistance system
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1. A driver assistance system including an operation bar which extends in a down direction toward a floor surface from a manual operation area where a driver who is seated on a driver's seat can manually operate the operation bar, and whose portion below said manual operation area is supported by a vehicle body, wherein
the operation bar has a tilted posture in a front-down rear-up state and is supported by the vehicle body in a slidingly displaceable manner along an axial direction of said operation bar, and includes:
in an area at least below the manual operation area, a brake actuation section that actuates a brake mechanism by the sliding displacement in a front down direction of the operation bar; and
an accelerator actuation section that actuates an acceleration mechanism by sliding displacement of the operation bar in a rear up direction that is a reverse direction on the same axis from the sliding displacement in the front down direction; wherein
an instrument panel member as a vehicle body strengthening member extending in a vehicle width direction is disposed behind a dashboard that separates an engine compartment and a cabin,
a floor tunnel as a vehicle body strengthening member extending in a vehicle front-rear direction is disposed in central portions in the vehicle width direction of a floor panel, which forms the vehicle body floor surface, and the dashboard, and
the operation bar is supported by a center stay in the slidingly displaceable manner from the driver's seat side, the center stay being a vehicle body strengthening member that connects the instrument panel member and the floor tunnel.